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Find a Restaurant in a Jiffy

Can’t decide where to eat for dinner? Or do you want to check out if the new restaurant around the block is any good? Zomato can help. This lifestyle application is perfect for users who are looking for a place to eat and drink. As a convenient restaurant finder, it will let you discover great places to eat at by sharing information and reviews from customers.

Great Dining Places

Zomato boasts a large library of restaurants and bar from various places. Its restaurant search and discovery service are so extensive it gives you everything that you need to know before you set foot in a restaurant or a bar. 

With the Zomato app, you can browse restaurant menus and decide which food to order even before you walk in.  However, the menus provided are photos from the restaurant’s menu, which at times are not clear. The information sometimes gets chopped on the sides or takes too long to load, making it hard for you to browse through the restaurant’s offerings. 

Zomato also comes with a map, so you can easily find your way to the restaurant you want to go to. The app automatically identifies your locations in a matter of seconds. Once logged, it will use your location to give you a list of restaurants and bars near your vicinity. Of course, you have the option to specify the area where you want to look for a place to dine in. 

But what users would love about the app is that it provides user ratings and reviews for each dining place it features. Whether raves or rants, you can find first-hand experiences from various users that can help you decide. The app also allows you to add your review so you can share your experience with your friends and your fellow Zomato users. 

App Interface and Usability

The Zomato app has, essentially, a clean layout. On the home screen, you can see three options, discover, explore, and search.  Clicking the discover button will give you random restaurants around your vicinity. Explore, on the other hand, gives you a list of all restaurants in your area. With the search option, you can key in the name of the restaurant, name of the location, or simply the cuisine, and all the result will give you all the information and options you need. 

Zomato comes in a theme of white and red. The white background gives a clean look to the app while the red icons lend a catchy highlight

Today, users can add-in Zomato in their Outlook account. This powerful add-in allows users to quickly insert restaurants into their email or into their calendar invites. With this, scheduling your appointments with your colleagues and friends is easier. 

App for the Foodies

Zomato is arguably the ultimate application for every foodie. From restaurant menus and locations to contact information and even user reviews, you can find all the details you want in an instant using the app. It can even offer a choice of dining places in your area, so you don’t have to go too far. And while there are still some improvements needed, this app is a nifty little download that is highly recommended.


  • Wide selection of restaurants and bars
  • Simple layout
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Determines your location and offers results accordingly


  • Menu card do not always show up properly
  • Limited locations available
  • Large RAM consumption

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Zomato for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • 4
  • (33)
  • Security Status

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